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Book Search Tips
1. The ISBN number search is the most accurate way to locate specified book.
2. Always remember to select an appropriate search type.
3. Check the spelling of the searching word.
4. Use specific words to describe exactly what book you're looking for. Leave out words like "the, to, a, and, of", just use "key words". [top]

Steps to find the lowest book price
1. Search the book using Title, ISBN, Keyword or Author.
2. When the book is found, click the button, and wait for the book comparison list to appear.
3. Click the button to the online bookstores of your choice where you can complete your purchase. [top]

What is ISBN?
ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a system of numerical identification for books, pamphlets, educational kits, microforms, CD-ROM and braille publications.
By assigning a unique ten-digit number to each published title, the system provides that title with its own, unduplicated, internationally recognized "identity." Publishers, booksellers, libraries and other participants in the book industry use ISBN to identify publications in order to expedite their handling and retrieval. ISBN ensures that ordering, inventory control and accounting are executed more efficiently.
The ISBN number usually is on the back cover or the copyright page. [top]

Are you affiliated with any particular book store?
No. We are not affiliated with any particular bookstores.
Our service is completely independent with neutral comparison results. [top]

How is shipping cost calculated?
Our comparison result always includes the lowest shipping cost available in those bookstores. [top]

May I add your search box on my web site or link to your site?
Yes. You're more than welcome to do so. We have various links for you. [top]

How to write a book review at source4book.com?
You can write a book review from every book reviews page where "Write your review" link is available. [top]

Package Tracking Related [top]
USPS Package Tracking

Which services provide delivery information?
Delivery Confirmation service, Signature Confirmation service, Certified Mail and Registered Mail provide delivery information. [top]

What does Delivery information provide?
Delivery status information provides the date and time of delivery or attempted delivery.
  • It does not include tracking of the package enroute.
  • If there is no scan event information available for your mailing, you will receive a message similar to one of the following:
    • "No information is available for this item. Please contact the sender."
    • "There is no record of that item. If it was mailed recently, information may not yet be available. Please try again later."
  • This does not mean that the item has not been mailed. It just means that it has not been scanned in as having been delivered.
    • If you are the addressee, you should contact the sender for more information regarding when it was mailed.
    • If you are the sender, you can check back at a later time (status information is usually updated every evening).

    When will Delivery Information be Available?
    Information is generally available on the evening of the date of delivery or attempted delivery, when the mailperson returns from their route. [top]

    How long is Delivery information available?
    We keep records for the amount of time specified below before they are purged out of our system. Information for Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, Certified and Registered mail is moved to off-line (archive) storage after 60 days. Information for Express Mail, Global Express Mail and Global Express Guarantee is moved to off-line storage after 90 days. Full event information can be restored upon request.
  • Delivery Confirmation service - 6 months.
  • Signature Confirmation service - 1 year.
  • Express Mail, Certified Mail and Registered Mail - 2 years. [top]

    What if there is no delivery information available when I call the toll-free number or visit the Web site?
    If there is no delivery or delivery related information (such as attempted or forwarded) available when you call 1-800-222-1811 or inquire on the website, we will provide a response of 'no record available.' This does not mean the item is not in the mail system. If the item was mailed recently, it means that no scans have been made or recorded at the time of your inquiry. Delivery information, if available, is updated nightly. Please call or visit the website at a later time.

    Additional information:
  • We can not verify the delivery status of an item without the number from the mailing label or receipt.
  • Insured mailis NOT a trackable service (nor is confirmation of delivery of insured mail available without purchasing the Delivery or Signature Confirmation service).
  • Electronic rate Delivery Confirmation (including Click-N-Ship) may (but is not required to) include the date and time of when it was picked up or accepted for shipment.
  • Retail rate Delivery Confirmation that is brought into the Post Office for mailing will include an acceptance scan.
  • Regular mail (such as Priority Mail or Parcel Post items) can NOT be tracked or verified as to delivery status unless an extra service was purchased at time of mailing.
  • The following services provide tracking information as the item is enroute: Express Mail, Global Express Guaranteed and Global Express Mail. [top]

    What International services can be tracked online?
    Tracking information provides the sender with online details of the item as it is enroute to its destination. Express Mail®, Global Express Guaranteed® and Global Express Mail™ (depending on destination country) are the only services that provide tracking and they must be purchased when the item is mailed.

  • Express Mail numbers typically begin with two letters followed by nine numbers and the letters "US" [ Note: "E" is currently the most common initial letter ], located in the upper right-hand corner, below the barcode. An example might be: EA 000 000 000 US
  • Global Express (Outbound) numbers typically begin with two letters ("E" followed by another letter) followed by nine numbers and the letters "US", located in the upper right-hand corner, below the barcode. For example: EA 000 000 000 US
  • Global Express (Inbound) numbers typically begin with two letters ("E" followed by any other letter) followed by nine numbers and two more letters indicating country of origin, located in the upper right-hand corner, below the barcode. For example: EA 000 000 000 HK
  • Global Express Guaranteed numbers usually have ten digits (no letters), located on the lower right-hand side of the receipt. For example: 82 000 000 00

    Note: Entering the customs barcode number for services such as Global Airmail Parcel and Global Priority Mail may produce tracking events in Track and Confirm. However, if you are interested in tracking your package internationally you should purchase either Global Express Guaranteed or Global Express Mail services. [top]

    UPS Package Tracking

    What is a Tracking Number?
    Tracking numbers are used by UPS to identify and trace every package as it moves through the UPS system to its destination. UPS automatically assigns a tracking number to your package. Other types of tracking numbers are UPS InfoNotices (US only) and UPS Service Notices (outside of the US).

    UPS Tracking Numbers appear in the following formats:
  • 1Z 999 999 99 9999 999 9
  • 9999 9999 9999
  • T999 9999 999

    When will my UPS package arrive?
    In the U.S., your UPS package cannot be scheduled to arrive at a specific time of day. UPS Ground packages are delivered anytime between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    In Canada and Europe, your UPS Standard packages cannot be scheduled to arrive at a specific time of day. UPS Standard packages are delivered anytime Monday through Friday.
    Up-to-date information about the status of your package is available in the Tracking section. [top]

    What is a UPS InfoNotice?
    A UPS InfoNotice is left by the UPS driver to indicate a delivery has been attempted. Each UPS InfoNotice contains a UPS InfoNotice number. This number appears on the bottom of the UPS InfoNotice above the barcode. You can use this number to track, locate, and verify the arrival of packages. [top]

    What events are recorded about packages?
    Package movement information is captured each time a tracking label is scanned in the UPS delivery system. Common scans include the following:

  • Billing Information Received: UPS has received the electronic transmission of package detail from the shipper. It does not necessarily mean that UPS has taken possession of the package.
  • Origin: The package has been scanned at the origin UPS location.
  • Departure: The package has left its present location and is on its way towards the destination address.
  • Arrival: The package has arrived at an intermediate sort facility or the destination facility.
  • Out for Delivery: The package has reached the facility that is responsible for delivering the package. This is a package's last stop before delivery.
  • Delivery: The package has been delivered. The date and time of delivery is recorded.
  • Exception: If the package cannot be delivered or is delayed, the reason is noted. [top]

    What does a status of On-Time mean when checking the status of my package?
    The designation, On-Time, in the Status field of the Tracking Summary means that your package is in routine transit, and should be delivered on the scheduled delivery date. [top]

    What does Rescheduled mean when checking the status of my package?
    The designation, Rescheduled, in the Status field of the Tracking Summary means that the delivery date has been changed, and the package should be delivered on the revised delivery date. See the Tracking Results page for the rescheduled delivery date. [top]

    What does Returned to Shipper mean when checking the status of my package?
    The designation, Returned to Shipper, in the Status field of the Tracking Summary means that the package was returned to the original shipper. Possible reasons for return include, but are not limited to:
  • Package being refused by the intended receiver
  • Physical address not able to be found by UPS
  • Unable to deliver after multiple delivery attempts

    The designation, Returned to Shipper, is not available in all countries. [top]

    Fedex Package Tracking

    You can use Track to check the status of your shipment at anytime during and after delivery. With just a click, you can check the status of FedEx Express® (inlcuding Express Freight), FedEx Ground®, FedEx Freight®, or FedEx Custom Critical® shipments.

    What Do I Need to Know?
    Here are some helpful tips:

    Track by tracking number - You can enter FedEx Express, Express Freight, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, or FedEx Custom Critical tracking numbers.

    Track by door tag number - Door tag numbers start with the letters "DT" followed by twelve numbers.

    Summary Results - The summary results screen shows date/time, status, destination, and FedEx service.

    Detailed Tracking Results - Information included with detailed results:
  • Date/Time: Reflects the local date and time
  • Activity: Displays activity of the shipment
  • Location: The city and state of the activity
  • Details: Provides additional information about the shipment

    Availablitiy of Tracking Information - Tracking information is available for 90 days after delivery for FedEx Express, FedEx Express Freight, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Custom Critical. FedEx Freight shipments are available for two years after delivery. [top]

    How Do I Get More Help?
  • FedEx Express, please call 1-800-Go-FedEx®
  • FedEx Express Freight, please call 1.800.332.0807
  • FedEx Ground, please call 1-800-Go-FedEx®
  • FedEx Freight, please call 1.866.393.4585
  • FedEx Custom Critical, please call 1.800.762.3787 [top]

    DHL Package Tracking

    What is a tracking number?
    Tracking numbers, also referred to as waybill numbers, are used to identify and track your shipments. The tracking number is assigned to your shipment by DHL, and can be either a 10 or 11 digit number. [top]

    When tracking online, I see the letters LD FD in the Shipment Status field. What does that stand for?
    LD FD indicates that your shipment was Locally Delivered, and left at the Front Door. Other signed by codes that may appear in the Shipment Status field;
    SD – Side Door
    BD – Back Door
    GAR – Garage
    LOF – Left per Letter on File at Station
    LPN – Left per Signed note or Attempted Delivery Notice
    Note: DHL @Home shipments do not have signature service. [top]

    I was not at home when the driver attempted delivery. Will DHL make another attempt?
    Yes, the driver will automatically attempt delivery to a residence the next business day before 5:00 PM. After two attempts, the package will be held at the local DHL office until delivery arrangements are made. In most cases the local DHL office will return the package to the sender in 7 business days, unless previous arrangements have been made. [top]


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